Module 8

Incremental, Differential and Relevant Analysis

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8.0 A Brief Look Inside the Module

An Interesting Module with many Applications and Common Threads for Decision Making.

8.1 Overview Key Issues and Terminology

Learn the many similarities of terms and how they relate to each other

8.2 Hotel Problem: Incremental Relevant Costs: When should we open?

A first application of Incremental Analysis for Decision Making in Excel.

8.3 Make Buy Pizza (5) Unavoidable vs. Avoidable Fixed Costs, Revenue as Net or Opportunity Cost

Make or Buy (Outsource) with Pizza Examples and Key Considerations to your Decision.

8.4 Repair or Replace Equipment with Qualitative Considerations

Still One Method, but what about those other things to Consider?

8.5 Special Order Pricing: With and Without Excess Capacity and Breakeven Price

Should you make a Fast Buck by Cutting your Price? You might be surprised by the answer.

8.6 Unprofitable Business Segments: Committed and Avoidable Fixed Costs

You are losing money in one part of your business. Should you shut it down?

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