Module 4

ABC Activity Based Costing

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4.0 A Brief Look Inside Activity Based Costing

A quick look inside the module including a peek at the One Sheet Bridge Format for Activity Based Costing (ABC)

4.1 Overview and Terminology of ABC: Comparison of Flow of Costs Traditional and ABC

The Big Picture of ABC and Activity Based Management (ABM) including our unique, straightforward approach to the topic, building on your prior knowledge.

4.2 Example ABC / ABM: Logistics Operations

An personal real world example of the impact of your host implementing ABC and ABM in a logistics operation.

4.3 Your Own Coffee Shop: ABC Computation Example, Practice Puzzle and Extra Worksheets for Homework

Build on your prior knowledge of Cost Accounting for a straightforward approach to ABC. Example walks you through it, practice puzzle builds your skills then do your homework on the extra forms.

4.4 Cost Management Strategies and Benefits

Learn how ABM, Just-in-Time, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Theory of Constraints, and Ethical Competence can each help manage costs in any organization.

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