Module 9

Master Budgeting: Planning for the Future

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9.0 A Brief Look Inside the Module

A brief introduction to a complete module with conceptual and process frameworks followed by a sample of a complete Master Budget that you can build from numbers in Excel, Practice, Solutions and Extra templates.

9.1 Terminology, Processes and Behavioral Issues

The “Why” including how we use the same examples across chapters (pizza and cheese), an overview of Planning Processes and How Budgets motivate management.

9.2 Budget Process Flowchart: How the pieces fit together

A unique format showing how the pieces and key variables of the budgeting process fit together.

9.3 Sales, Production and Purchases Budget Example, Practice, Solution Extra

Learn the logic of Before in the first three processes then view an example before your practice puzzle with solution and template in Excel.

9.4 Direct Labor, Manufacturing Overhead, Cost of Goods Manufactured and Sold

Continue to build your budget model though Example, Practice, Solution and Extra Template.

9.5 Operating Exp., Income Statements, Contribution Margin Analysis, Capital Budget

Create your Absorption and Variable Income Statements and Analyze the impact of changing price on Contribution Margin.

9.6 Cash Budget: Receipts, Disbursements, Financing Required and Balance Sheet

Learn the logic of After then build your model to forecast Collections, Payments and Financing Required. Bonus Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Drill. Cash is King.

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