Module 1

Introduction to Managerial Accounting

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Module 1.0 Overview and Terminology of Managerial Accounting

Quick start of terminology and the Big Picture of Managerial Accounting.

Module 1.1 Cost Accounting Overview and Terminology

Cost Accounting Overview and Terminology and how the Value Chain and defines the Flow of Costs.

Module 1.2 The Base Method for Cost Accounting

Our unique flow chart builds understanding as a foundation for the schedules.

Module 1.3 Managerial Accounting Frameworks and Ethics

Frameworks define how the topical chapters relate to the processes and why Ethics are important to everyone.

Module 1.4 The Bridge One Formula, One Method, One Graph for the Entire Course

Learn a unique simplified approach, so you don’t have to memorize unrelated formulas. Get on the Bridge, Stay on the Bridge.

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