Module 3

Process Costing

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3.0 Overview and Terminology of Process Costing

The “Big Picture” of Process Costing, Key Concepts and an Overview of the Module.

3.1 Process Costing: Frozen Pizza Factory Video and Classification Drill

Take an online factory tour of a frozen pizza factory then test your knowledge on a graded drill.

3.2 Process Costing: Flow of Costs and Transactions-Fantastic Frozen Pizza

Review all the transactions for the chapter in a BASE method flowchart next to the Debits and Credits.

3.3 Intro Bridge Format Process Costing and Equivalent Units of Production

Calculate Equivalent Units of Production and ALL of the Financial Computations on ONE Page in Your On Method Excel Workbook.

3.4 Process Costing: Puzzle and Exercise with Keys

Test your knowledge with a Puzzle and then an Exercise then check your work on the keys. Finish by returning to the process flow. Good Job!

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