Module 12

Statement of Cash Flows

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12.0 A Brief Look inside the Statement of Cash Flows

A brief look at our unique, stunningly simplified approach that allows you to learn this module rapidly and thoroughly.

12.1 Overview of Key Issues and Terminology of the Statement of Cash Flows

All of the terms translated back to common English as a foundation for learning.

12.2 Practical T Method of Cash Inflows and Outflows

Inflows versus Outflows with the Practical T will cut through the preparation of both the indirect and direct method with deep understanding through examples, reinforced by practice.

12.3 Sections of the Statement of Cash Flows

Also incredibly straightforward, the three sections clearly explained on a Practical T chart.

12.4 Preparing the SCF with the Indirect Method

Form and Format and the ONE concept that is a bit challenging, with our final straightforward approach.

12.5 Interactive Cash Flow Model

Your turn for interactive practice. Create your own statements of cash flows to reinforce your learning.

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