Module 13

Financial Statement Analysis

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13.0 A Brief Look Inside Financial Statement Analysis

Explore the Practical Accounting approach using straightforward numbers comparing Slug and Star. Inc for the entire module to learn financial statement analysis.

13.1 Overview of Key Issues and Terminology of Financial Statement Analysis

Review all the terms and the Why of Ratios then review the raw numbers for Slug and Star.

13.2 Vertical Analysis and Margin Ratios on the Income Statement

See the differences in our first comparison method for analyzing results then efficiently apply them as key income statement ratios.

13.3 Horizontal Analysis - Trend over Prior Year

Follow the Trends of Slug and Star with straightforward computation.

13.4 Asset Management - Accounts Rec., Inventory, Total Asset Productivity

Compare Slug’s and Star’s asset productivity as the key to improving performance.

13.5 Liquidity Ratios - Working Capital and Acid Test

Learn the three key ratios short-term creditors use before lending.

13.6 Solvency Ratios - Long-Term Survival - Debt to Assets and Times Int. Earned

Extend your learning with to additional ratios useful to predict whether the company will survive and pay back long-term creditors.

13.7 Investor Ratios - EPS, Dividend Payout, ROE, Dividend Yield and PE

Finish your Practical Financial Accounting learning by learning five key ratios used by investors in common stock.

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