Module 1

Introduction to Financial Accounting

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1.0 Introduction of the Practical Approach to Financial Accounting and A Brief Look Inside

Meet your Professor/Tutor team as we discuss our better way to learn then go for a brief tour inside this module. Each module includes this brief tour and Excel workbook averaging about 15 sheets for you to learn, practice and keep.

1.1 Accounting's Role in Society and Related Careers

Why Should You Care? Let’s begin with our unique approach that explains how Accounting is important to you and to our world.

1.2 Hot Dogs R Us - Quick Start with Key

Learn some important fundamentals while producing your first financial statements.

1.3 Making Sense of the Accounting Equation

The Practical T is our better way to learn, making sense of the Accounting Equation, the Financial Statements, Debits and Credits and Cash Flows.

1.4 The Ten Basic Transactions-Classification Overview for the Whole Course

Also unique to Practical Accounting, our 10 Basic Transactions in common English are consistently used throughout the course to introduce new material. Learn these and you are “good to go” with classification.

1.5 Four Major Financial Statements and Cash Flow Activities

Learn how the Practical T drives through the Financial Statements, then see the Financial Statements all on one page in Excel.

1.6 Interactive Transaction Guide Debits Credits, Financial Statements, Cash Flows

Bonus. Use this live interactive Excel sheet to enter your classifications and amounts. It will return Financial Statement impact and Debits and Credits.

1.7 Top 16 Key Terms and 20 Account Definitions Sorted by Financial Statement

Learn from these common English definitions then use this as a reference for the rest of the course.

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