Module 3

AIS Accounting Information Systems

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3.0 A Brief Look Inside Accounting Information Systems

An introduction to our Unique and Concise Side by Side Comparisons in the Excel workbook for this module.

3.1 Overview Key Issues and Terminology of Accounting Information Systems

Everything you need with clear and concise definitions on one page.

3.2 Process Flowcharts comparing Manual and Computerized AIS

Your primary textbook will probably teach manual. Start your foundation here by comparing them to flowcharts as a foundation for learning.

3.3 A Closer Look at Controls, Trial Balance Tips and the Closing Process

Internal Controls in Accounting Systems protect against fraud.

3.4 Truck Shack Transaction Analysis Practice

Build and apply your knowledge by classifying transactions in a Practical T format and automatically generate Financial Statements in Excel. If you get stuck, the Key is Next.

3.5 Truck Shack Key: Transactions, Financial Statements, Journal Entries and Ledger

Use the transaction key to check your work, then learn by comparing the same transactions in a manual Journal and Ledger.

3.6 More Good Stuff: Detail of Process Flowcharts and Practical T Accounts List

Some new and good stuff. Some repeated for quick reference.

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