Module 6

Adjusting Entries for Accruals and Deferrals

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6.0 A Brief Look Inside Cash and Internal Controls

A quick look of what you will learn.

6.1 Overview of Key Issues and Terminology of Cash and Internal Controls

Learn why Cash is the King that must be protected. An overview with all of the key concepts defined as a jump start and reference.

6.2 Principles, Analytics and Limitations of Internal Controls

A deeper dive into Internal Controls and how they are structured to protect the business. These principles will be applied to all aspects of this course.

6.3 Internal Controls for Cash Receipts (Collections) and Cash Held

Apply specific procedures to prevent incoming cash and cash held from disappearing.

6.4 Internal Controls for Cash Disbursements (Payments)

Apply specific procedures to prevent waste and fraud when making payments.

6.5 Bank Reconciliation - Who Knows? Example, Practice, Solution

Our unique two question format: Who Knows and Which Direction, makes this critical internal control easier to master.

6.6 Cash Management, Forecasting and Working Capital Ratios

Practical tools to make your cash work for you and how to plan and report it.

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